Are you prepared for a ‘fake’ Facebook crisis?


By Karla López Crowley, head of social media

Fake Facebook crisis

Picture the scene.

You’re about to open your brand new restaurant that you’ve invested blood, sweat and tears into. The staff are hired, the menus are printed and you’re fast gaining Facebook likes and Twitter followers.

But out of nowhere, your Facebook page is on the receiving end of a deluge of negative reviews. You haven’t even opened yet, so why do you have a series of one-star reviews slamming your service, choice of drinks and the bad smell coming from the bathroom?

Well, as David Brent pointed out in The Office: “sometimes the complaints will be false.”

The reviews have been posted by someone you fell out with a few years ago and they’ve rallied the troops to try and destroy your business before it even gets off the ground. You know that, but your prospective customers don’t.

This scenario is fictional, of course, but it’s absolutely something that could happen to you and your business and you need to be prepared to combat it. Social media has ensured that the balance of power is now more weighted towards customers than ever before, so it’s vital that you have a crisis management plan in place – regardless of whether the crisis is real or fake!

Here’s some of my tips on how to deal with a ‘fake’ crisis:

I hope you’re never in a fake crisis situation but if you are, resist to urge to fight back in an equally dirty fashion and make sure you deal with it in a composed, calm and professional fashion. That will always win in the long term!


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